Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Rainy Day Play

Today has been one of those early spring, dreary rain type of days.  The type where you wish to cuddle into a nice fluffy pile of blankets, eat warm cookies, and watch movies all day long.  You know it's a lazy day when your high energy toddler sleeps in until almost 10 am! Seriously, that happened.  I had to go check on him a few extra times, because that is seriously not him!

As nice as it can be to picture a lazy rainy day spent relaxing, that often isn't the case with kiddos.  Lots of rainy days can quickly turn boring, when the kiddos and Mom begin to feel a little trapped.  Or when the idea of watching Frozen for the fourth time in a row gets a little old.  Also, I'm aware that we are a little late hopping on the Frozen train, but E wasn't around in the back in Frozen's heyday.  So I love try to keep something different on had for these rainy days.  E loves anything that isn't actually a toy, so I have been coming up with some not toy play ideas for our rainy days. He also loves collecting things, so I figured being able to carry around a bunch of fluffy little pompoms would be fun for him!

Our latest not-a-toy play material are these awesome little pom poms from Target!  There are a few other color assortments if your kiddo has a preference, and of course you could find pom poms pretty much anywhere if you don't have any on hand.  I liked these particular ones because they came in a variety of sizes and shades of blue, so they will be fun for all kinds of sorting activities on another day.

In keeping with our vehicle reading theme, and well, because E loves his trucks, I put out a fun little play set up for E involving his trucks, pom poms, and some kitchen utensils and other tools.  If E can't play with his trucks out in the dirt, he needs something to load them up with!  

Thanks to Dad for the sectioned veggie tray that NEEDED to be reused after a party considering it cost $11.99 for some pretty sad looking carrots and celery!

Loading up the dump truck!

And with that I was chasing pompoms around the house for the rest of the day!  Who has a fun rainy day or indoors, boredom busting activity?

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