Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Here's to the Start

Starting is always the hardest part right? Finding the perfect words to open your college essay with. The first bits of awkward conversation on a first date. Tying your shoes. Riding a bike. I don't think I need to exhaust the whole list of things that come with shaky beginnings. Instead I'll get to the point and start out my first ever blog post.

Being a stay at home mom with "two under two" is busy...especially on the days like today when the toddler figures out how to climb onto the entertainment center for the first time. But between all the wiped up spills, kissed boo boos, belly laughs, and cold dinners, sometimes my brain feels a little neglected. So in the hopes that I can give my brain a little bit of a workout now and then, I'm giving this blog thing a try. 

My plan is to write about a few of the things I love, and be linked up with an Instagram account. As a former teacher who can't get enough of books (especially kid lit.), I'm hoping to share some of my family's favorite reads each month. I've also been dying to get in on a good Instagram #seaglasschallenge but didn't want to participate through my private account. Perhaps I'll throw in some crafting and decorating, possibly a silly story about a kiddo now and then. Who knows where it will end up, but for now...here's to the start.

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